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Friday Drabble: Failure is Not an Option

I used to post a drabble (a 100 word story) once a week on Fridays, over on my blog.  I’m trying to get back into the habit, and may occasionally cross-post over here on Tumblr when I particularly enjoy the result.  So here’s this week’s Friday Drabble for you all:



Arms pumping, legs churning, he sprinted toward the finish line. The broken pavement beneath his running shoes tried to trip him up, and only sheer luck kept him vertical, and in the lead.

He flipped a glance over his shoulder, gauging how far back the others were. Could he make it before they caught up to him? Lungs and body burning, he prayed silently that it would be so.

He crossed over the line barely ahead of the pack, and collapsed under their weight.

For the zombies, you see, it was never about the race, but only about the finish.

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